Hi, I'm RA Murphy

I’m a digital artist, designer, and teacher.  On this site I publish information about  the creative, technical, and business aspects of working as a digital artist.

What Is Digital Art?

Digital Art is any art made using digital technology – computers, iPads, even mobile phones.  Most folks are familiar with the digital art appearing in entertainment. That includes the illustrations, animations, and graphics used in movies, TV, games, and more.  

My focus, however, is on “Surface Art.” I create artworks and pattern designs for display or decoration.  The art I create takes the form of a digital file. The file is then usually printed on paper, canvas, cloth, or other ground.  It can even be used to print on objects like cups or phone cases. 

Why Is It So Popular?

The whole world of art is wide open for digital artists. Every medium – oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and pencil, ink, – everything is possible.  And artists work in every style, from realistic to impressionistic to abstract; and tackle every subject: nature, portraits, architecture, mandelas.  Almost every traditional art form can be emulated digitally.

For this reason, digital art is wonderfully freeing for the artist.  The skills and knowledge gained in one medium transfer easily to every other.  You get the freedom to pursue what makes you happy!

What's Here for You?

Whether you’re new to digital art, or already experienced as a professional, I think you’ll find helpful information on this site.  I do my best to stay current on updates and new features of the apps and equipment I cover.  As a working artist myself, I use the information I publish. 
But I’m not that far removed from the early days either.  I keep things understandable for those who are just starting with digital art.  There’s lots of information here on the site. And if you decide you want to take it further, you’ll find links to my courses, books and videos.   

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