New Audiobook – VR Transcend by Mike R. Heim

Announcing a new audiobook, VR Transcend  – Written by Mike R. Heim  –  Narrated by Ronald Andrew Murphy.   Audible Link Here

The author, Mike R. Heim, is one impressive fellow.  He’s a Fulbright Scholar (Freiburg and Berlin) whose first book translated Martin Heidegger’s Metaphysical Foundations of Logic. He has lectured at the Netherlands Institute for Design, SIGGRAPH, the Power Plant Gallery, UNESCO in Rio de Janeiro, the Banff Centre for the Arts, and the Institute for Intercultural Studies in Kyoto, Japan. He has consulted at many institutions, including Alfred University, the Multimedia Program of the Danish Humanities Research Council, and six national Virtual Reality conferences in Washington D.C. sponsored by the Data Processing Management Association.  These days he teaches graduate school in Southern California.

And that’s just some of his background!  But you can see he’s a serious guy.  I think he’s definitely someone worth listening to.

Mike’s book is about applying technology to metaphysics.  VR, Virtual Reality, in particular, offers us a pathway to grasping the basic duality of existence.

Mike readily acknowledges that VR can be a tool for escape. But he contends that it can also serve as a tool for deep awakening.  The book, VR Transcend, now in audiobook form, offers us a guide on how to use VR for this deeper purpose – as a tool for enlightenment.

The book relates VR technology to mainstream spiritual teachings and related concepts.  For example, it shows how VR can deepen Mindfulness.  It examines parallels to Lucid Dreaming.

And at an even broader level, VR Transcend explores the developing economy of presence and the need for focusing tools.  Through VR, we can enhance our personal presence and gain access to rapidly changing values.

Narrating this book has proven truly enlightening for me.  And that’s not a cliche.  The concepts Mike pulls together are mind boggling – except he does such a good job of presenting it, it all makes sense.

If you can, have a listen to Mike’s book.  I think you’ll agree.    Audible Link Here

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