Keeping a Record of This Journey

I’m old enough now that I’m beyond most pretending.  Although this site represents my business, I’m not inclined to hide the personal.  I know that some marketing gurus recommend communicating an idealized version of your business to be more attractive.  But that’s a little like posting a picture of your body-builder buddy as a photo of you on a dating site.  Neither a date, or a client, will be happy to learn you’re not who you say you are.

So I’m more comfortable with “letting it all hang out” – as they used to say “back in the day.”  (A tell-tale sign of your age is the era of your cliches.)

In that spirit, I point out that now, in July of 2017, I’m new to voice over.  For about four months now, I’ve been studying and learning, outfitting a professional home studio, and practicing. I’ve also been volunteering and getting feedback.

I’m new but I’m serious about voice over.

This month I signed up as a producer and voice talent for both ACX and Fiverr.   Fiverr is a site where clients can hire freelancers to provide a variety of services, including voice over.

ACX is Amazon’s audiobook development and publishing site. Audiobooks produced here are sold on Amazon and Audible.  Authors use ACX to find narrators for audio versions of their books by soliciting auditions.  A narrator is chosen based on the auditions.

Because I am serious about voice over, I’ve been producing and posting at least one audition every day since signing up at ACX.

That effort, and my commitment, has paid off.  I’ve already been chosen for and completed one audiobook.*  Today I was notified I’d been selected to do my second book. Because I’m committed to auditioning, I hope, and have confidence, that this is just the beginning.  I look forward to recording many, many books.

I’m not writing just to crow a bit.  My real purpose with this post is to start keeping a record of the journey.  I’m gaining new knowledge and experience every day.  That information may be helpful to others who are pursuing a voice over career.  It may also provide potential clients a greater understanding of what’s involved in recording and producing narration.

And, I believe it will help me.  Too often we live without reflection.  If we just keep flying through our experiences without stopping to analyze and understand, we can miss the lessons.  Then we  just end up repeating ourselves, mistakes included.

Join me if you will.  I’ll do my best to keep it interesting…


* The new book will be on the market in about two weeks.  I’ll post information about it and a link once that happens.