Hi, I’m R A Murphy. I’m a Digital Artist. That means I make my art digitally, on a computer. 

I’m formally degreed in fine art. My original studies were in traditional media, oils and acrylics on canvas. I was also trained in printmaking, ceramics, photography, and sculpture. Additionally, I studied art education and taught for a time.

But computer art is my paint brush and palette of choice these days. I use a variety of imaging, editing, and digital painting software to create each unique artwork.  I work with the images individually, just as I would with paint on a physical canvas.  My goal is to get the colors and textures that I think best present my own experience of the subject to offer the viewer new experience.  Although I often begin with a photo I’ve taken, I never push toward purely realistic depictions.  My artistic interests focus on combining intense colors, shapes, and patterns in a new but harmonious way.  I paint real subjects but show them in new ways. 

As far as a style goes, I group my works into the broad category of contemporary post-impressionism.  I like to think of it as New Fauvism.  Fauvism was a style of painting employing vivid expressionistic and nonnaturalistic use of color.  Matisse was a leading figure in the movement that flourished in Paris from 1905.