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Research shows that creative pursuits like art and writing can help keep our minds sharper as we age. By exercising our creative muscles, we can stay more alert, active, and productive.
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Hi, I’m R A Murphy. I’m a Creativity Coach. My focus is on the Older Adult group – those who are sixty and older.

If you’re like me, you want to continue to live a full, enjoyable life.  One key to achieving that is to keep our minds alert and productive as we age.

I’ve personally found that art and writing have helped me do that.  I’m 73 now. But I still look forward every day to the challenges my creative work will bring. That excitement for life is what helps keep our minds young.

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This past year has been a real trial.  But also a learning experience.  When COVID put so many of us into lockdown, I saw evidence that some friends dealt with home isolation more effectively.  Investigating, I discovered that several of us were artists and writers.  Not all professionally, though some are, but really just creative people. 

Curiosity about this led me to research.  More and more I discovered the benefits of creative activity on our mental well-being. Health professionals, psychologists, personal development gurus agreed.  If we want to keep an active outlook on life, creative activities like art and writing can make a genuine difference. 

The more I studied the more inspired I became.  I felt like it was important to spread the word. I believe that it’s important to help others find their own path to a more creative life.

Challenge is that many people don’t think they’re creative.  They’re wrong of course.  We all are.  But it’s hard for some to see it.  So I built this course, which starts with a simple self-assessment, and proceeds to guide you thru different things to try.  In the end you find something that you enjoy, that you’re motivated to pursue.

There are added benefits too.  Even additional income, if that’s a direction you want to go.

So, I started my Creativity Coaching practice. And I designed it specifically for Older Adults. Anyone can benefit from being more creative, of course.  But I think it’s most critical for those of us facing possible mental decline.  We are the ones at greatest risk of seeing our capability slip away.

To help you not let that happen, I am committed to providing useful information, helpful practice, and easy-to-follow instruction to older adults.   

This Creativity Course is free.  With it you will be able to test the waters for yourself. You’ll have the tools to explore how your creativity can help you. 

I do hope you’ll take advantage of the offer.  You ‘ll receive emails on a daily basis with guidance and simple practices.  In a short period of time, if you apply it, you should start seeing results.

Please do sign up.  If you have questions, you’re welcome to contact me through the link below.

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