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The art and poetry I make explores three subjects: Nature, Love, and Spirituality.
RA Murphy
Artist - Poet


Digital watercolors bring nature close.  Images of birds, butterflies, bees, plants and flowers, plus scenic views of seashore and mountains.  Look, browse, and shop.

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Art to Inspire and Motivate

Our Word Art features beautifully lettered and illustrated posters, prints and shelf art.

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Art Designed for decor and fashion

Beautiful patterns and designs featuring nature and fun subjects.  Home Furnishings and Wearables

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Illustrated and Narrated Poetry Collections

Winter With Flowers

At his age, having lost his wife of so many many years, he never thought he might experience new love. How surprising to discover the source was his past.

Love Text-ters

Before mobile phones, people actually wrote love letters to express their feelings. Now, these sentiments are found in texts.

Words To An Unfound Her

He'd never found her, his one,true love. Now, gone to the war, deep in the jungle, he writes about her on scraps of paper. not sure he will ever find her, even if he survives.

Working On Your Life

Reminders and journaling

Hopefully Wiser

Pain provides the impetus to change. Looking back you can see how you got wiser over time, hopefully...

Of Spirituality

The universe, cosmic consciousness, the unseen - these poems address the deeper questions, the higher answers.

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